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Since 2004, Sigma Voice has been providing high quality mission critical automated calling and inbound mass texting to organizations across the USA & Canada.

In addition to active monitoring, Sigma Voice prevents spam calls & texts by performing a phone verifcation and review before creating every new customer account.


The highly available network has tons of phone lines which means your pre-recorded message can be delivered to 1,000s of your contacts in minutes. Dedicated phone lines are also available for mission critical emergency applications.


Segment your lists. Dial multiple campaigns simultaneously. Schedule calls in advance. Personalize with Text-To-Speech (TTS). Survey your contacts. Say Happy Birthday to each person on their birthday automagically.


We're experts in the automated calling business and we're happy to share the best practices we've learned in order to help our customers not only avoid common mistakes but also increase overall efficiency.

Do Not Call

If some of your contacts do not want to receive your phone call, just add their phone number to your block list to make sure you will never call them again.


Our platform actively monitors phone call activity in order to identify and prevent any unwelcomed and unsolicited calling.


Our system admininistators implement the best practices when it comes to security, redundancy and disaster recovery.

San Diego, California Since 2004

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